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Come one, come all to the most exciting and fun-filled event of the season. We’ve been spreading joy and happiness to families and friends of the Milford area since 2014 and this time it’s no different!
Visit Santa at his Old World Style House!
Come say hi to Santa!
Our goal for your children, when visiting our farm, can be described in two words —
Our Santa house is small which gives a very warm atmosphere. Every crack and crevice is filled with Old World Style. Each item was hand selected throughout many years of gathering from various places and people.

From ceiling to walls, 85% of our decorations are vintage with only one exception — the lighting. LED lights cover the ceiling and wallsWe say we have candy for children's eyes to experience. Immediately outside his house, Santa has a peafowl (peacock) enclosure with about 75 beautiful birds.

During your experience you can choose from a short Santa story to whatever you would like the experience to be for your child. You can take all the pictures you want during your time.

(Santa picture buttons will be available for $10ea). PIN ON BUTTON RETRO FROM THE 80'S

Because we are a farm, we do have a small country store where we have fresh eggs from our girls and raw honey from our bees. Our store also has some hand crafted items. In 2020, the Santa House added a small retro candy store and a retail building with lots of goodies!

 All reservations are 20 minutes with Santa 

-Remember your time will start on schedule. So  please do not be late because it will take away your time with Santa

Come early and explore our birds and store .

-All reservations are application driven. No walk in. You will be notified by text or e-mail

-Santa house first visit will be  Friday  November the 24th

-Our definition of a family is Parents and their children.(Our small Santa House will not accommodate more than one family at a time.) If available back to back appointments can me made to add an additional family with yours. Grandparents are welcomed !

_Pets are welcomed by special appointment only (please contact us for rates)

Pricing for 2023 Season
$50.00 per Family
Each family must have a separate time slot
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