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Snowy Night
Your Whimsical Visit to
D&D Farm Santa House​
  • First thing is to fill out your application making sure all required information is completed before your arrival. Santa needs to know something about each child. This information will be kept if you decide to make this an annual D&D farm visit.​​
  • Please remember your letters to Santa. They are important to share with him.
  • D&D farm will have a Santa button pin picture available (must be pre-selected on your Application) 
  • Please remember to charge your device or bring fresh batteries
  • D&D farms will also provide a wooden animal Christmas ornament to take home and paint.
Please do remember this is your time with Santa. Take all the pictures you like, schedule a book reading, talk over your child's achievements or goals for the year, read your child's letter to Santa or just hang out. Remember,  Santa has a sweet tooth so cookies are welcomed. God Bless!
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